Who’s Watching Your House While You’re Away?

Concierge Services for Absentee Home Owners & Part-Time Dwellers

  • Provides regular updates on conditions of property while homeowner is away
  • Can be Owner’s Representative for ongoing work at residence
  • Can respond to emergency requests such as security alarm breaches, weather incidents, broken water lines and other occurrences that impact your home.

Concierge Services for HOA Communities, Retail & Office Complexes

  • Weekly or monthly “walk-throughs” of grounds and common areas
  • Provide “real time” reports for upcoming meetings, including photos and issues needing immediate attention
  • Perform trash enclosure services
  • Regular checks for drainage issues, condition of walkways, siding, landscaping, parking areas, fences. etc.

What Our Clients Are Saying …

“We have relied on David for many years in the care of our beach home and continue to rely on his advice regarding ongoing maintenance issues affecting our home.”

Aptos, CA

“David, terrific job! Well done!”

Menlo Park, CA

“We recently received a newsletter saying one of the vacant homes nearby had been broken into and someone was found living in it. Needless to say we are all the more glad that you have been keeping an eye on our home while we’re away. Much appreciated!”

Aptos, CA

House Watch is defined as a visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.